5 most affordable color splashes

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Bringing color to a living space is not always easy. Though there are many recommendations that are quick fixes, 5 tips stand out as the simplest ways to add an interior color splash without having to paint or break the bank:


1 – Outside Décor Indoors


Bring the outside in, as in prune an outdoor dwarf tree and use it as a focal point for your living space. Natural branches can add beautiful architectural elements to any color palette. Shrubbery and vines can also add “pops” of parchment tones


2 – Standardized Stretchers


Liven up any space by adding color that will refresh your décor. Find fabric with color patterns that will act as your focal point and. Many fabric stores have standard size stretchers for canvas or fabric. Find color samples and hang selected fabric before installing it.


3 – Decorative Cushions


Decorative floor cushions can style space throughout a home. Specifically, in front of a television, around a family room, or in a playroom. Also, Rattan pillows or outdoor fabrics will add a cozy element to any outdoor area.


4 – Tile Touches


Add a punch of color to any space by installing a backsplash near sink areas, around countertops, and across a bathroom space. Not only will this add a decorative flare, but it will also protect walls from moisture damage.


5 – Practical Décor


Beautiful looking décor should also serve the multiple purposes of functionality. Look for ways to store or shelve clutter while still displaying a decorative element’s purpose.