Four ways to personalize your decor

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Décor is a collection of fabrics, furnishings and eclectic finds that spell out some of your past, present and a hint of your future. The following four steps will help you curate your living spaces:


1 – Relaxed Seating


An essential part of a home is having a resting place in each space. Making each space comfortable can be achieved by choosing fabrics and furnishings that match the scale and flow of each room.


2 – Simple Organizing


Make sure that you consider the functionality and flow of each space. Organizing a room where everything is within reach will help eliminate clutter and maximize each element’s purpose.


3 – Convenient Satisfactions


Create each living space to be convenient in order to achieve maximum comfort and satisfaction. Focus on getting simple upgrades done that will help make your life easier. Little changes are very helpful in updating a lifestyle.


4 – Collect Inspiration


Collect items that inspire and culminate your style to make your home feel more special. Accumulating an array of your favorite home décor items will help to tell the story of your lifestyle.