Subway Tile, Design, and a New Line

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Subway tile is a style of glazed ceramic tile as used on the walls of New York subway stations in the early twentieth century. When subway stations were being built in New York as far back as the 1900s, many stations were typically covered in 3” x 6” rectangular tiles. The steady popularity of these […]

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5 most affordable color splashes

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Bringing color to a living space is not always easy. Though there are many recommendations that are quick fixes, 5 tips stand out as the simplest ways to add an interior color splash without having to paint or break the bank:   1 – Outside Décor Indoors   Bring the outside in, as in prune […]


Four ways to personalize your decor

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Décor is a collection of fabrics, furnishings and eclectic finds that spell out some of your past, present and a hint of your future. The following four steps will help you curate your living spaces:   1 – Relaxed Seating   An essential part of a home is having a resting place in each space. […]